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The Therapy

You have probably approached me on the advice of a friend but that person has certainly not been able to explain exactly what the therapy is or his/her experience. This is the aim of these notes which will help you understand the method used in this practice.

This method, whilst purely personal, is derived originally from cranien osteopathy and chinese acupuncture but in fact neither manipulates nor uses needles.

The technique “Rousselot” is similar to a manual massage and, like the two methods from which it is derived, aims to eliminate the cause of the disease and not merely the symptoms.

The technique works on the imbalance of energies impregnating the physical and psychic aspects of the patient.

These energies have to cope with hereditary imbalances and artificial barriers acquired during the life of the patient

- on a physical level these manifest themselves as joint, bone and cranium problems

- on a nervous level via emotional shocks. Over the years these barriers create other “compensatory” problems, these latter problems being the reason for your visit.

The treatment consist of three steps:

1- removing the trauma, which will aggravate the symptoms for several days, as we have mentioned above

2- removing the original traumatic lesion, which will awaken the patient’s innate problems

3- treating the area surrounding the patient’s birth so avoiding a possible relapse.

This technique does not intend to deliberately eliminate the lesions which umbalance your body (and which would necessitate a diagnosis) but to eliminate the barriers which have prevented the body from activating its natural defenses for many years. All the reactions you will experience after the session, physical and psychological and which may well be disagreeable, will be coming from the depth of your own being, your body having had to bear these (perhaps since your birth) by the over-use of anti-stress and/or anti-inflammatory medications.

This therapy is not what is known as a “legal forensic medecine” and you should not, therefore, hope for a miracle or any results in the case of genetic disease, degenerative bone disease, viruses or purely psychiatric disorders.

There are no age limits but as you will see from these notes, it is obviously easier and quicker to treat a baby than an older person or the rare cases of those attaining 100 !

Some facts

Contrary to theory, practice shows that most of the time in order to eliminate the problems for which the patient is examined, it is not enough to remove the physical or psychological traumatism.

Relapses, even light ones, can be explained by the fact that the ground is tired and predisposed:

- tired, if the patient has had those traumas before ( even during his/her life as a foetus and which would not be known to him )

- predisposed, if the patient has inherited the condition, whatever the level of heredity

This is the ground which needs treating if a cure is to be obtained rather than putting the condition to sleep or, worse, inducing a different problem.

Psychological problems can lead to physical problems because the anti-stress gland tires from being over-used in its duty as a physical regulator; similarly a physical trauma can create a psychological trauma which sooner or later could affect, among other things, the joints via which the related nerves pass.

The technique used is not to put back directly in place the affected elements (a surgeon or chiropractor’s role) but to find the initial cause - “the cause of the cause” as Hippocrate said - and to adequately stimulate the nervous system so that the body will repair itself.

Each session will go back further in time on the energetic plan from the latest symptoms to the earliest and most subtle (surrounding birth), each session attaining an elimination of the existing energetic imbalances, and a brief reappearance, in the form of reactions, of old symptoms.

This move towards the past will bring the patient to the real origin of his/her problems and as mentioned, the old and new symptoms will increase, in the form of reactions, for a short while.

As soon as the initial problem is made obvious and is eliminated the patient will acquire a balance which he/she has never known, bringing with it an improvement in circulation and consequently psychological serenity and well being, restoring the patient’s physical and sportives capabilities to fight against everyday disorders, germs, fatigue, digestive problems etc...

The question is how just a “brushing” of the skin can create these reactions and cure, ie using no needles, medecines, electronic machines or physical manipulations.

Contrary to classic medical opinion and apart from cases of structural degradation dealt with later on, the physical body and the “conscious” are just like TV screens which show, after being decoded, the magnetic base of a video tape.

Surgery can repair damage to circuits and cables and medecines can deal with defects on the magnetic tape or the screen’s use whereas energetic techniques deal with the fine tuning, image, colour and frequency.

Since we are not surprised to be able to change a channel by pushing a button, we should not be surprised to be able to modify physical and chemical imbalances by “brushing” certain parts of the body following energy impulses.

Some people may understand if I say that remote control could be used.

The energetician deals with the information sent by the magnetic field (reflection of his/her subconscious memory), which he analyses with the help of his own magnetic field. It is therefore possible to identify zones that are knotted, and which due to attention not having been paid to that area, are still producing pathologies and preventing the body’s natural defenses from doing their job.

When the knot is found, magnetic stimulation is required in order to start the process of creating defence reactions which should have been produced before - hence the unpleasant reactions following the appointment and the increase of various symptoms for a few days;

When the patient’s body has rid itself of the apparent problem, the “ground” on which the trauma was based is available to be dealt with, thereby waking up older symptoms. It is often necessary to repeat this operation if the patient’s body does not respond.

All signs of trauma are visible and can create problems during a lifetime, even if the body has never actually been conscious of their presence - this rejoins certain psychoanalytical therapies.

It is possible to repair and eliminate some hereditary problems, physical or psychological, originating sometimes as far back as two generations (asthma or exzema for example) the patient’s body reacting now as their grandparents’ should have done.

Some physical and mental deterioration is irreversible and cannot be treated by this method (ie serious sprains, fractures, bad medical care, LSD use etc...) and it would not be worthwhile continuing with the treatment for more than two sessions if no reactions were noticeable. The taking of drugs (heroine, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol) and medication such as cortisone, hypnotic drugs (Temesta, Rohypnol, Halcion) multiply by three or four the number of sessions required - which is normally three or four maximum. This is due to the central subconscious’ power being surpassed by the energies required in dealing with these sorts of drugs, medecines and substances.

Counter Indications

In some cases this gentle therapy would not be recommended because of the intensity of reactions which could lead to high blood pressure and the awakening of old “at risk” situations. These are almost exclusively related to cardiological problems and diseases or previous problems related to the latter, such as heart attacks, high blood pressure etc... These disorders must be mentioned to me during your first interview as it may be better not to start the therapy unless you have your doctor’s approval. If you advise friends to consult me, please do remind them to inform my secretary, in the first instance, of any such disorders.

Special case: Sudden blockage

Sudden blockages of the back, lumbar region, neck or chest areas merit a little special information for two reasons:

1 - The patient is anxious to see the problem disappear as quickly as possible which it is not always easy to do because:

2 - the sudden blockage, even if due to some sort of accident, only occurs if the ground is already intoxicated - ie poisoned by inappropriate food (too much milk, acid fruits etc...- see beginning of notes) or by the malfunction of an organ (kidney, pancreas, liver, intestines) which can in turn originate from a more “mechanical” element (vertebrae), emotional element, from a vaccination or an anaesthetic (general, local but especially dental).

In these cases toxines have accumulated in particular muscles, these tense up and suffer from suffocation, causing the surrounding bones to “topple” over onto them. On this intoxicated ground the slightest movement would have caused the blockage.

You should therefore understand that the problem lies with the muscles, which have to be disintoxicated and relaxed, and not with the vertebrae. Once the muscles are freed from their toxin production, the blockage will cease.

This takes several days and requires patience, the effect of the first session may well worsen matters temporarily - it is therefore important to pay attention to diet, eating little (especially not milk products, acids etc...) and drinking more, thereby helping toxin elimination.